Money is always a large concern in divorce, as it is in life. Often, one party's hope is to have enough to care for his or her children, while the other party's concern is to pay an unburdensome amount of child support. Reconciling these conflicting goals is frequently a daunting challenge requiring the support and guidance of a legal advisor who can untangle the issues and develop workable solutions.

A sound understanding of both parties' financial circumstances is necessary. At The Kitson Law Firm, LLP, our attorneys work with sophisticated financial analysts when necessary to evaluate the wealth and holdings of our client and his or her spouse.

New York Business Valuation Lawyer

The ability to undertake comprehensive financial analysis makes it possible to assist clients with complex estates that include small businesses, investment vehicles, stock options, inheritances, pensions, retirement accounts, real property, and high-value personal property. Financial evaluators are also engaged to assist in proposed prenuptial agreements and resolution of tax issues, professional disputes, and the division of real estate holdings. When negotiating child support, spousal support and property division settlements in divorce, our goal is to preserve assets and maximize income for the benefit our clients.

Financial analysis can also aid in identifying fraud and any resulting reduction in resources available to our clients. It is also used to enforce property settlements and evaluate modification requests.

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