In some cases, the entry of a judgment of divorce may not signify the end of litigation. A former spouse may fail to abide by the terms of a divorce agreement or judgment of divorce necessitating an enforcement proceeding. Sometimes, circumstances may change since the entry of the judgment of divorce necessitating a modification proceeding.

At The Kitson Law Firm, LLP, our experienced attorneys have represented clients in all aspects of post-judgment divorce proceedings. Our strong knowledge of the law and individually tailored approach to each case allows us to effectively and zealously represent clients.

Post-Judgment Enforcement

If a former spouse is no longer paying child or spousal support, or simply failing to comply with agreed upon custody or visitation arrangements, a contempt proceeding may be necessary to obtain compliance. A contempt proceeding is a serious matter that may result in sanctions or even imprisonment for a defaulting former spouse. Before allowing a former spouse to amass significant arrears or continually violate a visitation schedule, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced attorney who can provide proper guidance in order to explore all possible remedies to the attainment of compliance with the divorce agreement and judgment of divorce.

Post-Judgment Modification

Often circumstances can unexpectedly change making compliance with a divorce agreement or judgment of divorce no longer feasible. The realities of everyday life may result in the loss of employment, a significant increase or decrease in income or even the possibility of moving or relocating in pursuit of a better opportunity. In order to avoid violating a divorce agreement or judgment of divorce, a modification proceeding may be the only available option to obtain relief from a burdensome obligation. A party seeking to modify a divorce agreement or judgment of divorce or planning to oppose a modification application brought by a former spouse can benefit immensely from the services of an attorney with significant experience in post-judgment matters.

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